Everything is Better in LEGO Form!

Gamasutra is reporting that Lucasfilm is continuing its contract with LEGO group for another ten years.  The deal allows LEGO group to make games under the Star Wars brand.

While I’ve been a fan of the LEGO Star Wars games (and many of the other LEGO branded titles), I’m unsure as to what they plan to develop.  The Original Trilogy, Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars have all been made by LEGO already.  So to make further games they would have to do original stories, or do a LEGOization of other Star Wars titles like X-wing Vs Tie Fighter or Knights of the Old Republic.

(Updated 5:23pm:  It was brought to my attention that Traveller’s Tales develops all the LEGO branded games.  So any reference to LEGO creating a game should really credit Traveller’s Tales working on behalf of LEGO group.)

Whatever may come to pass, LEGO has done a great job showing the world that games based off movies don’t have to suck.

So what story or game type would you like to see in a future LEGO Star Wars game?

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