EA had their Press Conference today even though E3 doesn’t officially start till tomorrow. So here are the highlights of today’s briefing.
Updated 6/15/10: Added most videos, some still not available.

  • Need For Speed Hot Pursuit. The autolog compares scores with friends, suggests modes/who to play against. Offers game play as cop or racer with career modes for each. Coming out November 16, 2010.

  • Dead Space 2. Pictures, then gameplay of getting pinned down by a giant Necromorph, then fighting a bunch of smaller creatures.  Lots of grappling battle mixed with the shooting. First look at The Sprawl, where the game takes place. Hard to tell what’s gameplay, quicktime events, and actual cutscenes at times, which is a good thing. January 25, 2011. Final part of preview at sony show tomorrow.
  • DICE (multiplayer)/EA LA (single player) working together on Medal of Honor that takes place in Afghanistan. Ballsy 24-player team deathmatch on alpha software. Locations based on real world areas, bullets flying everywhere. June 21st Multiplayer beta test for 360,PS3 and PC. Game comes out Oct. 12, 2010.
  • EA’s new program: Gun Club – rewards gamers for playing Medal of Honor, Battlefield, Dead Space, etc. with early beta access, early demos, news, etc. Battlefield players who preorder Medal of Honor will get early access to beta.
  • Battlefield Bad Company 2 expansion pack this winter
  • EA Sports MMA – fight with a variety of styles using a system that makes timing key, EA Sports Live Broadcast – Highly touted fighters can talk smack and have their characters fight against each other online while other gamers watch and real commentators follow your fight
  • EA Sports Active 2- 70+ exercises, heart rate monitor, connect to online profile to track/share results, Coming November 16, 2010 on PS3, 360, and Wii
  • Madden 2011 – new playcalling, games take less time to play, Gus Johnson commentary, 3 versus 3 online co-op play, coaches give suggestions in your headset to help you key on defensive weaknesses
  • Sims 3 – lots of discussion of the complexity of the decision process in the game plus a gameplay trailer, comes out this fall
  • Crysis 2 -Nanosuit lets you change between invincibility, invisibility and tactical warfare modes, takes place in New York, gameplay trailer features battle against giant bipedal robot, using rockets and C4 to take him down, playable in 3D on PS3, 360 and PC, Holiday 2010
  • Bulletstorm from Epic games/People Can Fly – in-game success and skill earns you points that you can use to unlock other game aspects, plenty of humorously ridiculous and vulgar language such as “You scared the dick off me!” or “I predict an imminent detonation… I predict an imminent getting the fuck out of here.”, lots of blood,Comes out Feb. 22, 2011.
  • Star Wars The Old Republic: Everyone gets their own starship, PVP warzones on Alderaan and other planets,  Lengthy trailer that adds feel/lore for upcoming release, Remember kids: Force lightning beats a combat knife every time, but Sith are weak against hadoukens. No release date listed

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