So Microsoft had their Press Conference today even though E3 doesn’t officially start till tomorrow. So here are the highlights of today’s briefing. (Editors Note: All the E3 Posts will be updated with Video and Pics as they become available.)

  • Call of Duty: Black Ops had some cut scenes and game play footage shown.  The game will be released 11-19-2010.
  • Metal Gear Solid Rising:  Lightning Bolt Action was debuted.  Most of the presentation was cut scenes (a 2 cyborg battle).  The game play footage showed “bullet time” and the ability to cut anything with your sword.  The controls were precise enought to cut a virtual watermelon into proper slices.
  • Gears of War 3 was shown in 4 player mode.
  • Fable 3 (a.k.a. Peter Molyneux’s empty promises) – It looks nice.  It looks like a fable game with improved graphics. Nothing too shocking. (Didn’t hear him mention motion controls, which were rumored)
  • Codename kingdoms by Crytek. All CG no gameplay
  • Halo Reach – 2.7 million in beta. September release. Story/campaign footage – looks good, fighting against drop ships

  • Alot of Kinect News

  • Project Natal was officially debuted as the “Kinect”
  • Kinect sensor combines 3d camera, rgb detectors, microphone, login by waving/face recognition, choose menu options via voice, (also fuck Justin Bieber) No word on what kind of voice recognition setup  you may have to do.
  • Connectivity between windows phones and xbl (whoopdee doo?)
  • Kinect allows for video chat between videophones and xbl.  camera follows you around the room
  • Kinectimals. The next evolution of Tamagochi? A game where you can make a virtual tiger sad by leaving the camera’s focus.
  • Wii sports…errr. Kinect Sport featuring World Class Track Meet 😛 Has Kinect Soccer. Kicking in your living room…..I see the creation of the Kinect-tard website in the future.
  • Kinect Joyride – a racing game for your avatar. Lets Look retarded while we play. You stick your ass out to drift..WTF?
  • Kinect Adventures – jump, dodge on coal carts, river rafting, +18 other game styles. Take pics in game of avatars and your retarded selves while jumping. Party game.
  • Ubisoft Exercise kinect game. “Your Shape: Fitness Evolved” – small delay between the player and avatar movements. Takes physical dimensions then tailors the exercises to your current body shape. Has Martial arts mode (Tae Bo style).. Game can tell when your out of rhythm. Shows overlay of skeleton (stick) on avatar and angle where you should be.
  • Dance Central – by Harmonix. DDR where you have to pull of the real move. Has trainer. Looks pretty good.
  • Kinect November 4th launch date. 15 titles at launch
  • Star Wars Kinect game. Lightsaber battle shown in game. General 2011 release date.
  • Forza Motorsport Racing game (realistic) – 2011 generic release date.

  • ESPN joining with XBox to provide over 3500 on demand events ESPN Streaming to Gold Members for free. . Trivia and rooting via Kinect during games. Switch between sports without having to exit to a menu.
  • Xbox Sllim – 250GB HD, Built in WiFi (finally), $299  Shipping Today, available.  All in attendance got a free one. (They can bite my shiny metal ass)

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