Ubisoft had their Press Conference today even though E3 doesn’t officially start till tomorrow. So here are the highlights of today’s briefing. (Editors Note: All the E3 Posts will be updated with Video and Pics as they become available.)

    Joel McHale - He's Fabulous!
  • Hosted by the host of “The Soup” really?
  • New game called Child of Eden from the creator of Rez/Space Channel 5 that looks and like a prettier Rez with Kinect motion controls
  • Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood – Release Date November 16 – You can ride your horse in town. Final game will have advanced horse combat.  Many more gadgets including cannons to fire from the city walls.  More agressive AI and combat kill moves.  The game will center on Roma.
  • Shaun White Skateboarding –   Change the enviorment in real time to create your skate ramps, rails, morph the ground to find hidden areas.  Storyline: Stop the Evil Guberment from taking all the fun and excitment from world.  The world goes from B&W to color as you play.  (Reminds me of Pleasantville)  (PS3, Xbox, Wii)
  • Battle Tag – Home Laser Tag.  Is this the 80’s?  The gun has an “ammo” pack for reloading.  Tap the clip to the gun for reloading.  The console keeps track of the scores and game modes.  (whats the max distance from the console?)
  • Innergy – Has heart sensor attached to index finger.  Rainbowlicious.  A “game” to help de-stress you with breathing exercises.  I’m surprised Deepak Chopra wasn’t the spokesman.

Kinect Titles

  • Motion Sports – Skiing, Soccer, Football.  Barely any in-game footage.
  • Your Shape:  Fitness Evolved.  The same demo from the Microsoft conference earlier today.
  • Raving Rabbids:  Travel in Time – Wii exclusive -November 9  The rabbits take a washing machine time machine and help cause a lot of trouble.  All CG no gameplay.
  • Ghost Recon: Future Soldier – CG teaser and game play- All weapon systems based on real life projects currently being developed by Government and Private entities.  Predator style active camoflauge system.  Sniping gets very personal in the graphics.  The whole campaign can be played in 4-player co-op split screen!
  • Driver: San Fransisco – Some 70’s Style racing game.  The game returns to the Driver 1 characters Detective Tanner (good guy) and John Jericho (bad guy).  Over 100 licensed car models.  208 miles of roadway in a full sized city environment.  Switch from car to car instantaneously.

Projects still under construction.

  • Project Dust (working Title)  – Spring 2011 – Natives learn the secrets to control the elements.  The knowledge is lost.  It must be regained or the world will destroy the people.
  • Rayman: Origins – Wacky platformer.
  • Mania Planet – User created games.  Ubisoft provides the creation tools and the players create the levels. Track, Quest, and Shooter mania.  Respectively Racing, RPG, and FPS.  PC only. Beta testing starts at the end of Q4 2010.
  • End of the Conference brought to you by the dance crew from Micheal Jackson’s “This is it” soon to be a video game as well

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