Playstation.Blog has revealed some of the intricacies of the character editor for the upcoming game 3D Dot Game Heroes. Using the editor, players can create almost anything to represent your character in the game. Yes, you can save the world as a knight or a princess or…a shark. As long as you can build it out of voxels, it’s allowed. You can create walking and attack graphics for your character as well. When the game hits PS3’s on May 11th, I fear for all the screenshots of walking penises.

The editor does include copy, paste and flip functions; so, instead of having to do voxel by voxel drawing, you can re-create whole sections at a time. You will also be able to share your creations via Atlus’ 3D Dot Game Heroes site by transferring the character file to USB and uploading it to the internet. It will launch at around the same time as the game, but Atlus will keep you update via their community forum.

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