Last night Nintendo starting making the latest firmware update available.  So if your system isn’t set to automatically update you need to go to System Settings >Other Settings>System Update.

After the update you’ll have access to:

  • 7 new puzzles for Puzzle Swap.  They are broken into more pieces and some pieces can only be gotten by using streetpass.  No more using play coins to complete a panel.
  • The sequel to Find Mii, called Find Mii 2 will unlock once you have all the hats  from Find Mii 1.  There will also be new hats to collect in Find Mii2, new enemy types, combo attacks, and potion buying.
  • Accomplishments (78 in total) have been added to the Mii Plaza.  These are similar in use to Achievements or Trophies for the Xbox360 and PS3 respectively.  Right now they only apply to Mii Plaza games but they may be expanded to future games.   If you’ve already been playing Find Mii and Puzzle Swap then many of the accomplishments will have already been achieved.
  • Streetpass Plaza has a Music player that will allow you to listen to all the songs that you have unlocked during the playing of Mii Plaza games.  There are 35 songs in total to unlock.
  • Mii plaza now keeps track of the home town of all the Mii’s you have streetpassed with and shows them on a colored map of the region and country of origin.  Some of the accomplishments involve meeting streetpassed mii’s from multiple regions of the world.
  • You can record up to 10 minutes of 3D video using the built in camera application.
  • Easy transfer of your eShop purchases to another 3DS, the ability to store your credit card information.
  • QR codes can be scanned that will jump you straight to a games homepage or eShop page for purchase.

All in all a very nice update from Nintendo.  I’m having fun trying to get through Find Mii 2.  Now if only Nintendo would get the rest of my Ambassador games out.

What’s your favorite part of the update?

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