Dearest The G.A.M.E.S. Blog readers,

I’ve been away a bit—but not for no good reason! This year, thus far, has been a hectic one. Since January, I’ve been diligently toiling away at three things: finishing college, figuring out what the hell I’m going to do with my life, and creating this baby:


For the first two, if you want to hire me, awesome! I’m pretty good at everything… that you’d need me to be good at. Here is a link to my LinkedIn, if you want some tangible proof!

As for the third, that’s my senior thesis. I pursued a bachelor of fine arts degree in Writing, Literature & Publishing at Emerson College. There’s only one difference between an arts degree and a fine arts degree: the student must design and complete a project that, somehow, encompasses everything learned over the preceding four years. It’s to show potential employers that we’re diligent and motivated and really into our field, or something like that. Most kids will write an 80-page dissertation on Milton, or write a dozen short stories about losing their virginity at the homecoming game, or write the first two acts of a novel in tribute to that childhood puppy that got hit by a semi. (A lot of work for one letter, eh?)

That’s all fine—and the end-products are, for the most part, fantastic—but it wouldn’t help me. I focused most of my curriculum on magazine studies; how would writing 40,000 words on Tolkien get me a job?

No, instead, I decided to create something that truly encompasses everything I learned over the previous four years. I created, from the ground up, a magazine. Based around the notion that video games have evolved—and continue to—at as astonishing rate, this project features the best games writers I know and their respective views on that notion.

I won’t bog you down with the explicit details—and certainly won’t with the marketing plan and financial outlook (oh, hey, employers!)—but, if that sounds of any interest on you, click, read, and share with your friends and foes! Either way, you’ll be seeing more of my byline around The G.A.M.E.S. Blog for the foreseeable future.

Before you peruse—or not peruse—away, I have two shout-outs:

One is to independent game designer Solomon Lutze. The man is a talent—nay, a visionary. He, more than anyone I’ve met, has thoughts about the ravaged inequality of the games industry. He’s written about it before, and wrote a fiery article about it for this project. His game, Candlelight, explores the dynamic even further. It’s one of those rare platforms that confounds in multiple ways; not only does it challenge our minds, but our preconceptions of a societal issue. In this case, it’s gender. Give it a play, and reach out to Solomon at @ponderouspixel.

The other is to our own Daniel Furnas. If you like his writing—which, let’s face it, you do—he has an overwhelmingly thorough, beautifully penned article in there about intense competition surrounding the industry’s key players. The piece is educational and entertaining—and the hed is a pun. Dan has been incredibly supportive of this entire endeavor, and even took the time out of his own busy schedule to help out. No amount of thanks I give could be enough, but I’ll start here. Thanks, Dan!

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