For those who don’t know, a handful of us staffers here at The G.A.M.E.S. Blog are huge fans of the long-running Ace Attorney series, and there’s been a whirlwind of announcements and reveals over the last couple of weeks. Rather than pump out a handful of smaller stories over time, we decided to wait and compile all the relevant information into one handy article.

Let’s Get Physical

A few weeks back, Capcom announced that they had no plans to release a physical version of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, arguing that the game would do much better on the 3DS eShop, due to the series’ difficulties with attracting long-term retail sales.  Since then, there’s been a lot of outcry from fans of the series, as this is the first game in the series which will be a digital-only title.

Luckily, some new developments have been made on that front. Series producer Motohide Eshiro told Polygon that the main reason for keeping Dual Destinies as an eShop title was to cut down on the delay between the Japanese and American releases. While he hinted that Capcom would be open to suggestions and comments from the fans, Capcom USA Senior VP Christian Svensson soon posted on Capcom Unity, stating that he would like to push for a physical release of Ace Attorney 5, though he would need ammunition from the fans. Here’s the full message:

In the days after we announced AA5 for the West being digital only, and the requests of others for a physical release, we mobilized our US team to put together possible options that may address the concerns.

As a part of that process, Eshiro-san and I have met mulitple times, including the morning where he gave the interview where he made the statement above. I was not quite ready to open the possibility to folks until we had a few more ducks in a row but Eschiro suggested he mention the potential in an an interview he was having that afternoon.

So, if you’d like to be heard, you can post on this thread (I’ll leave it open), PM me on Capcom-Unity or hit up my twitter (@chrissvensson) as many folks already have. I need some additional ammo and these requests fit that need.

If things go well and demand is there, in a few weeks I may be able to present an option that puts the ball back in the fans’ court (in “tennis” terms, not “of law” terms). I want to stress the word “may” so as to not misrepresent the situation or promise anything. We are trying. Again, timing and pricing would be at a disadvantage to the digital option as an assumption you should make.

On the AAI2 front, Eshiro is very much a man who could push make that happen so I’m glad who whoever asked that question, did so, but I’ve got nothing more I can add there. I feel the point above is valid.

While it’s certainly no promise, hope remains for a physical release of Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies. If you haven’t already, make sure to post on the Capcom Unity thread (link above) and drop Svensson a line via his Twitter account (also above).

Where’s Ace Attorney Investigations 2? 

It’s been more than two years since Capcom announced it had no plans to localize Ace Attorney Investigations 2, known in Japan as Gyakuten Kenji 2. While the (unofficial) fan translation is still being worked on, Eshiro dropped some interesting news about why the game wasn’t localized. While we originally thought it was due to low sales forecasts, the main reason the game was never released outside of Japan was caused by scheduling issues. As reported by Kotaku, the development team was quickly disbanded upon the game’s release, which made localization a challenge. Still, Capcom hasn’t ruled out a release for the game, and strong sales of Dual Destinies might be a factor in bringing Ace Attorney Investigations 2 to the West.

Dual Destinies Reveals and Info

Back at E3, Capcom hosted a livestreamed Q & A session with Eshiro, who answered a handful of questions about Dual Destinies. While you can watch the video for yourself below, here’s a quick summary of what he revealed about the game.

  • The basic theme for the game revolves around “the dark age of the law”, which is kicked off by a bomb which goes off during a courtroom battle. This doesn’t extend to the tone of the game, which will still feature the lightheartedness you’ve come to expect from the series.
  • The game is close to Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations in terms of content, and it will take the average player about 25 to 30 hours to complete.
  • Both Phoenix and Apollo will have courtroom battles, as hinted by the game’s title.
  • Phoenix has taken on a more mature look, mainly because he wants to show his worth, as it has been 8 years since his last case.
  • There are a handful of returning characters; first off is Edgeworth, who has moved his way up to Chief Prosecutor
  • Klavier Gavin will also be making a reappearance, as he will be battling against Apollo during the game’s third case
  • Pearl Fey will be returning as well, as shown in one of the latest trailers (which you can check out below)


  • There is no concrete news on Maya so far. The Eshiro mentioned “his lips are sealed”, but since Pearl is making a reappearance, it seems likely that Maya will show up at some point or another (here’s hoping she’s not a victim!) 
  • Eshiro didn’t go on about Detective Gumshoe for that long, claiming “he doesn’t know where he is”. Since there is a new detective this time around (Detective Fullbright), it seems unlikely that Gumshoe will be returning as a detective.
  • The new prosecutor is named Simon Blackquill, and he is known for using psychological manipulation on members of the court, including the judge. His intimidation won’t work on his partner, Detective Fullbright, because Fullbright is a little clueless.
  • The game will feature fully animated cutscenes, which will for the most part, bookend chapters. You can check out one of those cutscenes below, though it is voiced in Japanese, since it is from the Japanese demo.


And lastly, in the event you couldn’t make it to E3 (which we’re guessing you didn’t), here’s a video which showcases the entire playable demo from the show floor (thanks to NintendoWorldReport for the footage)


So, are you happy with the recent announcements regarding the series? Any reveals that you are disappointed with? Are you still holding out for the return of Gumshoe?! Sound off in the comments below!

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