Hot off the heels of their announcement for Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies, Capcom has recently announced (via Capcom Unity) that the Phoenix Wright Trilogy will be hitting the iOS App Store much sooner than expected. While it was recently delayed until July, it looks like you’ll be able to download the collection for yourself next week, on May 30th.


Fully remastered with higher resolution sprites, this trilogy bundles the first three Ace Attorney games for a low price. Players can try out the first two cases (from the first game) for free, with the rest of the game available for $5.99. The latter two games are also available separately for $6.99 each, though if you’re looking to own them all, you can buy all three titles at a discounted price of $16.99. While the prices might seem high for an iOS title, each game features hours upon hours of content, and it’s certainly cheaper than picking up copies for either the Nintendo DS or WiiWare platforms.

Along with remastered graphics, each game is fully optimized for retina support, and social features. There is no word on an Android version as of now, though one was rumored to be in development when the trilogy was first announced.

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