muramasarebirthlogoToday, Aksys Games announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation Vita remake of Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Entitled Muramasa Rebirth, the remake features improved graphics and a complete relocalization. The original Muramasa was published for the Wii with the North American version released in 2009 by Ignition Entertainment.

The story of Muramasa follows two characters: Momohime, a princess who has become possessed by an evil spirit and Kisuke, a ninja who has been stricken with amnesia. Both characters head out in search of the 108 katana found around Japan, each blade with its own unique characteristics and abilities. Rebirth will offer players the chance to purchase four additional scenarios as DLC, adding new characters to play as, too. The game features the beautiful graphics that developer Vanillaware is known for from games like Odin Sphere and GrimGrimoire. Future updates and more information can be found at the game’s website and here at The G.A.M.E.S. Blog.

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