So we’ve known for a while that a new game in the Alan Wake line was in the works and during the Spike VGA’s we were given our first look. Well Remedy has released an extended trailer today that shows off more of the story and gameplay.

The main story will be a spinoff of sorts. From Remedy’s description the story puts Alan Wake inside of the fictional ‘Night Springs‘ TV show. Those that played the original game will remember it as it was a fairly major part of the story (Check out our review here). ‘Night Springs‘ is a Twilight Zone style show that took most of it’s episodes from stories of supernatural happenings in Bright Falls, where the story of Alan Wake takes place.  Alan is in search of his Doppleganger, Mr. Scratch, who is hiding out in the town of Night Springs.

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This explains Remedy’s previous comments that this game would not be a sequel.  From this description it’s not even going to be part of the main game storyline.  You are just playing through an episode of the  ‘Night Springs‘ TV show as opposed to really fighting the supernatural as you were in the main game.

I’m fine with that.  At least as spinoffs go it’s still topical to the main story.  However,  I am disappointed with the addition of the “Fight Till Dawn” arcade mode.  One of the big points of the original Alan Wake game is that Alan Wake is not a super hero.  He has no special abilities and you will spend a lot of time just running from the monsters, not facing them in combat.  With this arcade mode you will have to survive wave after wave of monsters by being a highly skilled combatant that faces the monsters instead of running away.   Even if this mode turns out to be fun to play, I think it really breaks the spirit of the game.

Alan Wake’s American Nightmare is scheduled for release on Xbox Live in mid Q1 (February).

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