Look, down the street! It’s a cab! it’s a hobo! No It’s Shadow Hare! Cincinnati’s own crime fighting superhero. And he’s not alone locally or internationally. Locally he is part of an alliance of citizens called the Allegiance of Heroes who are trying to use their legal power of Citizen’s Arrest to stop crime as they witness it, as well as to track down major offenders like rapists and murderers that have so far eluded the police. And they do this with pepper spray, tasers, handcuffs, and the mainstay of many a superhero – plain old muscle. Shadow Hare suffered a dislocated shoulder 2 years ago defending a woman being beaten by a robber, but remains steadfast in his duty to protect the public.

Nationally he is joined by Hero’s like Aclyptico of Pennsylvania, Wall Creeper from Colorado, and even a local Master Legend from Florida. All are part of the World Super Hero Registry, an online meeting hall for heros world wide. They only ask 3 things of you to become one of their ranks.

  1. Costume:  To not only hide your identity from criminal retribution but to show everyone that you are not merely a passerby doing a good deed but that you are actively seeking out and defeating evildoers.
  2. Heroic Deeds:  You must perform actions beyond the expected norms of the everyday citizen.
  3. Personal Motivation:  You must do your heroic deeds because you believe in the cause, not as a representative of an organization or as a publicity stunt.

We could certainly use more people like them.  It’s a refreshing change from the normal mob mentality that if it isn’t happening to me then it’s not my problem.

Good luck to all the Superheros.  May your successes be many and your injuries few.

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