This week’s Anime News Recap is loaded with announcements from Viz, Aniplex, and Sentai Filmworks, with some info straight out of New York Comic Con as well as a couple of contests. Read on to find out what’s new in the anime world!

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New Anime Acquisitions from Sentai Filmworks
Muv Luv Alternative Total Eclipse Key ArtSentai Filmworks recently announced several new anime acquisitions. First up is Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse, a science fiction series in which humanity has been trying to fight off a race of aliens called BETA for 30 years. People created giant mechs, called Tactical Surface Fighters, to deploy against the monsters, and now, two TSF pilots–Yui Takamura of Japan and Yuya Bridges from the US–are heading to Alaska as part of a new project meant to give mankind a fighting chance. Muv Luv Alternative: Total Eclipse is currently streaming on Crunchyroll, and Sentai is planning a home video release.

The second Sentai series also involves mechs. In Cross Ange Rondo of Angel and Dragon, Princess Angelise gets exiled from the utopian world she was born into for not being able to use Mana, an advanced technology that allowed mankind to eradicate problems like hunger and pollution. On her new island home, Ange meets others who can’t use Mana but can and do pilot giant robots to fight monsters invading from another dimension, and she joins their fight. This series is streaming on Crunchyroll as well, with an inappropriate content advisory.

Gugurei Kokkurisan Key ArtTribe Cool Crew follows middle-school dancers Haneru Tobitatsu and Kanon Otosaki as they train together, dance off against rivals, and learn to connect with others through their art. This one’s simulcasting on Crunchy right now, too.

Finally, there’s the dark comedy Gugure! Kokkuri-san, in which Ichimatsu Kohina spends her life living off of cup ramen and trying to summon ghosts. The first ghost she manages to summon is a handsome fox spirit named Kokkuri, who refuses to be sent away and instead decides to take care of her. Soon enough, Kohina has a houseful of ghosts and an even stranger life than she had before. You can check it out as a simulcasting series on Crunchyroll.

All four series are slated for a home video release, though dates have not been announced yet.

New Manga Acquisitions from Viz Media
Tokyo Ghoul Japanese CoverAt New York Comic Con, Viz Media announced plans to bring over two new manga series. The first, Tokyo Ghoul, is a horror action story where monsters live and look exactly the same as any other human–until they get a craving for flesh. Tokyo Ghoul follows Ken, a human who manages to get turned into a half-human, half-ghoul hybrid, as he learns to use his new powers.  The second series is a comedy called So Cute it Hurts, which follows Mego and Mitsuru, two twins named for historical figures, as they swap places and pretend to be each other.

Tokyo Ghoul hits stores in June 2015 at a list price of $12.99, and So Cute it Hurts comes out the same month, with a list price of $9.99.

Viz Debuts Digital Run of World Trigger Manga
World Trigger Manga Volume 1 CoverIn World Trigger, monsters from another dimension invade the Earth (because we haven’t seen that anywhere in this post before), and humans decide to fight fire with fire, using tech from other dimensions to combat the threat. This story follows Osamu Mikumo, one of the warriors battling the invaders, and his friend Yuma, who happens to be from the other dimension himself, as they fight to protect the world. The first two volumes of World Trigger released in paperback earlier this month, and now, you can get them through Viz Media’s website and through the Viz Manga app on iOS and Android, for $6.99 per volume.

In case you prefer your Japanese media fixes to be animated, the World Trigger anime is currently streaming on Crunchyroll as well.

Aniplex and Viz Launch New Sweepstakes Contests
aniplex-logoIf you like contests, then you’re in luck: Both Aniplex and Viz are out to give some fun stuff away. First up, Aniplex wants to send one fan and a friend to Anime Japan in March 2015 as part of their “Win a Trip to Anime Japan Sweepstakes”. The prize includes your airfare and hotel for a five day, four night trip to Tokyo, along with two admission tickets to Anime Japan. You can enter the sweepstakes on Aniplex’s contest page, and the contest ends November 11.

vizmedia_logoViz Media isn’t sending anyone to Japan just now, but they are giving out a good stack of manga. The company brought Takeshi Obata, the illustrator behind series such as Death Note, All You Need is Kill, and Hikaru No Go, out to New York Comic Con, and they’re running a contest for the occasion. The prizes include signed copies of the All You Need is Kill omnibus, volume one of Death Note, and a Death Note poster, as well as digital first volumes of Bakuman, Hikaru No Go, and RalΩgrad. If you’re still at the con, you can enter at the Viz Media booth. Otherwise, they have a contest page where you can enter online through October 31.

Teaser Drops for 2015 Psycho Pass Film
Fans of the cyberpunk dystopian series Psycho Pass can already check out the beginning of season two as it simulcasts on Hulu, but there’s a movie coming out in 2015, too. Funimation announced that they’d licensed the film earlier this year, and the Psycho Pass website posted a teaser for the film recently, which you can check out below.

Inspector Tsunemori doesn’t say much, but here’s a translation of that dialogue, courtesy of Anime News Network.

Akane: I will fight. In a world where the system rules justice.
Text: To the world stage
Akane: Gekijō-ban Psycho-Pass

That’s it for this week’s anime and manga news! Jump into the comments to tell us what interested you most, or about anything we might have missed.

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