Welcome to this week’s anime news recap. This week sees a new Lupin III vs. Detective Conan manga, a new anime being shown on NickToons, a preview for the upcoming Sailor Moon Crystal visual book, and a teaser trailer for a 2015 Dragon Ball Z movie.

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Lupin_vs_ConanLupin III vs. Detective Conan the Movie Gets Manga Adaptation

Lupin and Conan are two of anime’s greatest super brains, except one is a thief and the other is a child detective. This hasn’t stopped them from competing against each other on more than one occasion. In their most recent crossover, Lupin III vs. Detective Conan The Movie, a precious treasure called the Cherry Sapphire has been stolen, and because Lupin is suspected of stealing it, he and Conan face off to see who can uncover the truth first. The film was released in 2009 and now is seeing a comeback as its plot is being adapted into a manga, which was also done for the other Lupin vs. Conan TV Special. Yutaka Abe and Denjiro Maru, who drew the first crossover manga, have returned to work on this one.

image05_2NickToons Network to Start Showing Little Battlers eXperience

It is commonplace for North American TV channels to air anime on their channels these days because of the growing influence they have on Western culture. While Cartoon Network and NickToons air your more child friendly anime, Toonami and Adult Swim cover your more mature anime. If there is anything we have learned from the more child-friendly anime, it’s that they thrive on merchandise. From Yu-Gi-Oh to Pokemon and Bakugan, among others, it is essential that their toys and games sell, so they can increase the popularity of the show.

This is the same thinking behind the soon-to-air Little Battlers eXperience (LBX, for short) on NickToons Network. LBX is about a competition where people control robots on a battlefield to combat each other. By chance, main character Van Yamano gains his own LBX robot and finds that he is skilled at using it. Little does he know that his LBX robot holds the key to defeating an organization who plans for global domination.

Along with the airing of the show, which begins in August, a plastic model building role-playing game is being released, where players will control their robots on a cardboard field to duke it out. Will this be the next big thing, or will it fall into obscurity like Battle B-Daman?

Sailor Moon Crystal First Official Visual Book

Sailor Moon Crystal is only a couple episodes in, and it has already rocked the anime world, as did its original series. To continue the excitement, Kodansha is releasing a visual book that will include information and pictures of the characters, voice actors, and Momoiro Clover Z, the band who sings the theme song “Moon Pride”. An extended trailer/advertisement/music video has been released to promote the book. Check it out below!

[Ota-Suke via ANN]

2015 Dragon Ball Z movie

As if people weren’t having enough trouble waiting for the new Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods, which premieres in early August, Akira Toriyama has now announced that he is working on yet another new Dragon Ball Z movie slated for a 2015 release. Said to be a continuation of the DBZ series, very little details about plot or characters have been released. However, we have been given a teaser trailer, which only makes us want to see it more.


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