Welcome to this week’s Anime News Recap. This week, a few old cartoons get some new adaptations, some new character illustrations for the new Naruto movie get revealed, and a famed space pirate makes a return. News Recap Anime

Michael Bay’s Transformers Gets Manga Adaptation and Old Transformers Game Gets Anime Transformers has been a mainstay animation franchise for both American and Japanese audiences. One of the most recent incarnations of Transformers has been Michael Bay’s franchise,which has brought Optimus Prime and the Auto Bots into the modern world. The app from DeNA’s Japanese Manga Box has added a one shot manga which retells the story of Michael Bay’s Transformers, not including the recent Age of Extinction. So if you’ve always had a dream to see Shia LeBouf in manga form, now’s your chance. Another big announcement involving Transformers is the new anime being produced based off the 1986 video game, The Transformers: Mystery oi Convoy. While not much information has been released, a smartphone app has also been announced for the game. Here is a preview.   


Characters Get Update With New Illustrations for The Last -Naruto the Movie- This past week, the Weekly Shonen Jump magazine had released exclusive sketches of a few iconic Naruto characters and their updated designs for the upcoming Naruto movie. The released sketches are of Sakura, Shikimaru and Sai. narutonewdesigns   Each character has a description which accompanies them. Sakura’s notes state “Sakura, who has grown up to have a mature expression! …Sakura’s gently smiling expression makes quite the impression. Her body’s form is also somewhat feminine.” Under Sai’s description is “Sai has changes to his clothes, too!? …Sai’s bangs have gotten a bit longer, and his face has a cooler expression. The sleeves on his shirt have gotten a bit longer.” And last but not least, Shikimaru’s says “Shikamaru with a tranquil face!… Shikamaru does not appear to have much change to him, but the look on his face looks quite manly!?” The Last -Naruto the Movie- will premiere in Japanese theaters December 6th.


Netflix Releases Captain Harlock CGI Movie He is one of the most famous anime pirates, well before Luffy was even thought of. He is Space Captain Harlock, and Netflix has announced that they have released the new CGI film to watch on their service. For those who are not familiar with this titular pirate, Captain Harlock is a pirate (obviously) who has become a space outlaw to rebel against the government of Earth and its oppressers. He pilots the ship Arcadia with his crew as they perform raids on Earth ships. The Captain Harlock film follows the same general story, and was released in Japanese theaters back in September of 2013. As an added bonus, Netflix has announced that they are also adding about 100 episodes of Hunter X Hunter. download

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