Welcome to this week’s anime news recap. We have trailers from a few upcoming movies based off popular series, a new Original Video Animation for a classic series, making-of video for Doraemon, and, on a sadder note, a beloved anime director passed this week.

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Toshio Hirata Passes at 7625941

Revealed on Twitter by fellow anime director Sunao Katabuchi (Black Lagoon), it was announced that anime director and artist Toshio Hirata passed away earlier this week. His name my not be as well known in North America, but he was an important figure in anime, having directed Pet Shop of Horros, Unico (an Osamu Tezuka original), Barefoot Gen and worked on many more anime. Toshio started working with anime in 1960, when he started with Toei Animation and assisted on creating Alakazam the Great. Throughout his career, he also worked with Madhouse and Mushi Productions. Our well-wishes go out to his grieving family and friends.

First Attack on Titan Compilation Film Trailer 

As the popularity of Attack on Titan has skyrocketed, plans started last year to take the first season of AoT and turn them into two compilation films, retelling the story in a smaller package with a bigger bow. Both compilation films will be released in theaters, with the first being released November 22nd. The first film, called Attack on Titan Part 1: Crimson Bow and Arrow, has its first trailer now, and it is announced that not only is there a new unaired training scene to be added, but Linked Horizon will return to sing the film’s theme song “Guren no Zaho” (Crimson Coordinates).

Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie sees American Theatrical Release

With Dragon Ball Z: Battle of the Gods stashed away in recent memory, it is Naruto’s turn to receive the spotlight. In the newest Naruto movie, after defeating the Akatsuki, Naruto must once again confront the man who was responsible for his parents death. Already being the best-selling Naruto movie of all time in Japan since it’s release in 2012, the expectations for this movie are extremely high. Road to Ninja: Naruto the Movie saw a limited release starting August 29th, and a trailer has been released as well.

Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch

The epic fighting, clothes-ripping-off-in-suggestive-places anime Ikki Tousen is making another comeback with its new OVA Ikki Tousen: Extravaganza Epoch. Not much information has been released, but a trailer accompanied by the song “Endless Fighter” by Yui Sakakbara has been released to help fill in the blanks and get us geared up for the next installment.

Doraemon Making-of Video

Last week, I revealed that the Stand By Me Doraemon movie had been released in many different countries. This week to capitalize on the hype, a short making-of video has been released, showing the different steps that were taken in making the CGI film. The video features two scenes which show the different processes that it takes to make sure the animation looks smooth and realistic.

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