Welcome to this week’s anime news recap. This week there are a few new live action trailers for previous manga and anime, as well as the wide release of a Doraemon movie.

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Trailer For Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends Streamed

Featuring the main theme for the live action adaptation, by the band One OK Rock, the trailer for Rurouni Kenshin: The Legend Ends features all the main characters for the movie. The Legend Ends is the third film in a trilogy of recently released Rurouni Kenshin live action films. Following hot on the heels of Kyoto Inferno, which came out this month, The Legend Ends will premiere in Japan on September 13th.

Princess Jellyfish Live Action Trailer

The life of the otaku is already challenging enough, trying to fit in with real life society, but what happens when a jellyfish otaku meets a cross-dressing boy and his handsome older brother. Add to the mix that they want to tear down the building where the jellyfish girl lives with her otaku sisterhood. The hit anime series is being given its own live action adaptation, which recalls the tale of true beauty and awkward love triangles, will premiere in Japan on December 27th.

Wide Release of Doraemon Movie

The time-traveling robot cat which spawned a Japanese media franchise has recently been given his own movie which aired in Japan earlier in August. Now it is seeing a wide release across 21 countries. Stand By Me, Doraemon was the first 3D CG film to star the robotic cat and his friend, and it opened with widespread acclaim. Now it is the world’s turn to experience the magic that is Doraemon. North America has already been exposed to the non-terminator feline, as his cartoon as it has been running since last month on Disney XD. For those unfamiliar with Doraemon, he is a robotic cat who travelsĀ from the future to the present day to help a child named Nobito assist other children with everyday problems. The exact release date is unknown but expect to be invaded by a non-threatening robot for a change very soon.

Live Action Maestro Film

Based off of Akira Saso’s manga, Maestro is about a group of musicians who are looking for work and are gathered into a practice room. There they meet the mysterious conductor Tendo, who seems less than trustworthy to the musicians. Soon though, through his unorthodox style of teaching, he is able to make the students see past their individual problems and helps them on their musical journey. Maestro opens next year on January 31.

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