It is a well-known, if unwritten, law of the internet that you shouldn’t believe everything you see. Similarly, April Fool’s Day is a holiday celebrating and dedicated to pranks and tricks. Therefore, its not hard to predict that, when the two join forces, they become a mighty Voltron of amusing, horrifying, and rage-inducing mischief. 2013 is no exception, with Youtube announcing an end to its eight year video contest and President Barack Obama turning the nation’s debt crisis over to the magic of crowdfunding. The games industry, not to be outdone, has also stepped up their game (I know, sorry. That was horrible.) this year. Below are just some of the great pranks that were played this April Fool’s Day. – Apple introduces the iPlay

IGN scored a major exclusive with the announcement of the iPlay, Apple’s first foray into the world of console gaming. Filled with all the things that gamers care about, such as motion controls and 3D, the iPlay will certainly be the finest way to play Angry Birds on your television upon release. This is fortunate, since the console has an Angry Birds-only launch lineup.

Eidos-MontrĂ©al – Deus Ex: Human Defiance

When planning the next game in the venerated Deus Ex series, the staff at Eidos knew that they needed to go in a new direction in order to surprise fans. That new direction led them to Deus Ex: Human Defiance, an old-school, 8-bit style adventure. This retro look allows for a great increase in the number of locations and events that can be included, and a new co-op mode will let players stealth or run-and-gun they way through levels with a buddy. Unfortunately, the publishers rejected Human Defiance, so the developers are calling on the community to show their support. – reddit/Team Fortress merger

Team Fortress is no stranger to playing jokes on its community; in fact, some of the most popular items, like the Jarate, started off as April Fool’s pranks. However, it looks like they’ve finally met their match, as it seems that the blog repository at has purchased the Valve game. They will slowly be incorporating features from the Team Fortress 2 into their site, such as the ability to customize user accounts with hats. Best of all, reddit will keep the game’s free-to-play model, so that users won’t have to pay to win. Lets be honest, though. All of you were completely sold the moment I mentioned hats, weren’t you? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

thatgamecompany – Journey Rocket Death Match DLC

Anyone who frequents The G.A.M.E.S. Blog will know that we love us some Journey. That’s why I was so excited when thatgamecompany revealed a new take on their beloved title. As anyone who has played Journey will know, the one downside to the gorgeous and reflective exploration game is the inability to violently clash with your companions. Well, fear no more, as the Rocket Death Match DLC promises to fix this oversight. This new mode transforms Journey into an area-style shooter, with player’s shouts being turned into rocket attacks. In order to see this mode in all its glory, just check out the announcement video below:


Arenanet – Super Adventure Box

While many of the other April Fool’s Day pranksters listed above created fake images or trailers to help sell their joke, none went as far as the creators of Guild Wars 2, Arenanet. These glorious people made an entire game within a game in the form of the Super Adventure Box, a special retro-themed instance that is available during the month of April. Guild Wars 2 players can expect several levels, a boss, a jumping puzzle, and, of course, special loot drops. This type of fanservice is simply amazing, and Arenanet deserves extra points for also creating this fake commercial for the instance, with all the 90’s attitude a person could ever want.


Find any other amusing April Fool’s Pranks this year? Please share them in the comments below.


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