Speaking to Eurogamer Assassin’s Creed: Revelation creative lead Alexandre Amacio says that Desmond’s Story will wrap up before December 2012.   Now here’s where the story spoilers come in.  I’m putting it in hidden text for those who missed my warning on the front page.

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At the end of AC2, Minerva warns of a coming disaster. During Brotherhood it is revealed that  a solar flare hit earth in the past and would have destroyed all life on Earth if not for the intervention of Minerva’s people.  A similar flare is expected and will arrive with the Dec 2012 Mayan end of the world prediction and only Desmond can stop it. Now in the Upcoming: AC Revelations the story of Altiar and Ezio will be completed. Desmond’s story however will continue in the next game (currently unannounced but probably will be called AC3). Ubisoft is going to make sure that a game is released by Dec 2012 that so that you will be playing as Desmond trying to prevent the in-game end of the world scenario while the real world end of the world prediction is supposed to be happening. [/spoiler]

I like that Ubisoft is coordinating the release with real world events like this.  It makes the story come alive.

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