After failing to find a buyer, Atari is now looking to auction off its remaining assets and name brand. For those who forgot, the video game publisher filed for bankruptcy this past January, and is now hoping to raise $22.2 million.

Still my favorite Atari series, by far.

According to Develop Online, Atari’s biggest hope is auctioning off the Atari brand itself, with bidding to start at $15 million. In terms of franchises, court papers have revealed that the minimum bid for the long-running RollerCoaster Tycoon series is set at $3.5 million, with bids for Test Drive (their racing franchise) starting at $1.5 million. Other IP up for grabs include Total Annihilation ($250,000), as well as Humongous (the company co-founded by veteran designer Ron Gilbert), Fatty Bear’s Birthday Surprise, and Math Gran Prix. 

Considering THQ pulled in just under $80 million for all its assets, $22.2 million doesn’t necessarily seem like a stretch, though Atari’s franchises are nowhere near as popular in today’s world. Auctions are set to take place in early July, so expect to hear results around then.


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