Atlus is partnering with ACE Team, the creators behind Rock of Ages and Zeno Clash, to bring us Zeno Clash II. As the title indicates, this will be a sequel to Zeno Clash, which is an “award-winning indie first-person melee brawler.”

This sequel promises to be “bigger, bolder, and better” than its predecessor, bringing the open world of Zenozoik alive for you to explore. You’ll have the chance to check out natural and architectural wonders as Ghat, the main character. Most of the characters and enemies from the first game will return in Zeno Clash II, but there will also be new creature, weapon, and environment designs. Atlus says the game will receive both a stunning visual update and refined gameplay. Elements Zeno Clash II sets out to improve include both an enemy “Lock-on” function and increased player control over where strikes land. The sequel also adds new RPG elements to help Ghat increase his chances of survival. Finally, Zeno Clash II will incorporate drop-in/drop-out online co-op play. Ghat’s sister Rimat can now join him in battle against the forces that stand in their way.

Zeno Clash II will be available for PC, Xbox LIVE Arcade, and PlayStation Network in 2013. While you wait, check out some gorgeous official images from the game below. You can visit the game’s website here for more information. Have you played Zeno Clash? Are you looking forward to its sequel? Sound off in the comments!

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