Atlus announced the answer to their latest “guess the next game” email campaign, and Growlanser fans everywhere were again left waiting. Instead, the title they announced was Gungnir, a PSP game from Sting. Sting is known in North America as the developer for other titles such as Yggdra Union, Knights in the Nightmare, and Hexyz Force.

The website’s splash page is currently the only thing up, but from the press release, Gungnir boasts a modified strategy RPG format set in a world based on Norse mythology. The story centers on a group of rebels that find a young woman with a magical spear. (For those not well-versed in Norse mythology, Gungnir is the name of Odin’s spear.) With the help of the young woman, the rebels seek to overthrow the current tyrranical regime. The battle system uses a modified action queue where simpler action take less time in the queue, but also do less damage, and you can see the basic battle layout from the Japanese screenshots below. Gungnir is set to launch in North America on June 12, 2012 on the PlayStation Portable.

For those who were confused by the opening line, Atlus issued a series of emails leading up to this announcement with the clues including “starts with G,” “ends with R,” “strategy RPG,” and “fourth release in the series.” Fans of the Growlanser series might have been hoping for a Growlanser IV port as the title never made it out of Japan during the PS2 era. However, Atlus has already launched their next email campaign and this title also starts with G. Here’s to hoping!

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