The Australian Classification Board has written to Government the mobile phone apps, and dealers, such as the iPhone store are not currently subject to their censorship Ratings Board Review process.

Essentially the only movies and games that are sold at brick & mortar stores are subject to review. They have no power to stop an online sale. They would like to change that.

“I recently wrote to the minister regarding my concern that some so-called mobile phone applications, which can be purchased online or either downloaded to mobile phones or played online via mobile phone access, are not being submitted to the board for classification,” Australia’s Classification Board director Donald McDonald told a Senate Estimates committee in Canberra on Monday.

I am not a fan of any of the worlds various ratings boards as they all inevitably cause the producers of books, movies, and games to water down their creations to what a select few prudes have decided I as an adult should be able to view. Don’t believe the crap about it only being for the protection of children. There’s a reason the AO (Adult Only, i.e. 18+) Rating is never used by the ESRB in the U.S. despite it being an option. Even here children must be able to view it or it will not be sold. Australia has it worse as their cutoff is 15+.

And as far as this particular instance goes. Was the iPhone store not censored enough already? Apple rejects hundreds of Apps a day for being deemed Inappropriate for family viewing / Offensive. Here’s just a few of those deemed to Offensive for use.

Here’s a great Idea. Adults can make the judgment for themselves as to whether they want to DL an app, buy a game, watch a movie, or read a book that has rape scenes in it. Parents can actually, you know, act like a fucking parent and research what they buy for their own kids. You have the option of buying or NOT buying these things for their children on an individual basis. Every consumer electronic device has a vchip or other parental control mechanism built in. Fucking use it.

Talk to the Ass My Friend
Talk to the Ass My Friend

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  • Really, Australia? Come on, guys.

    Do they realize that they are basically saying that no one in their country is competent enough to decide things for themselves or their children? How do the people stand for this?

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