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Top 5 Games Top 5 Anime Top 5 Manga
Pokémon Blue Samurai Champloo Naruto Shippuden
Pokémon Silver Cowboy Bebop Fairy Tail
Pokémon Ruby Mushi Shi Deathnote
Pokémon Diamond Does Pokémon count? Rave!
Pokémon Black RWBY Is there a Pokémon one?


Remember Ash Ketchum—y’know, the “very best”? I beat him. Twice.

My name is Ari Notis. I attend Emerson College, where I major in Not Making Any Money, Ever Writing, Literature & Publishing—it’s essentially an English degree with a glorified title. We sit around refurbished rooms in old, brick buildings all day, read authors we can’t understand, then pretend we actually do understand them—such a thing usually manifests itself in the form of impassioned arguments where we hurl bullshit at each other. It’s great. I love it.

Writing may have my mind, but video games have my heart. What other medium gives you so much control, so much choice? It’s like a life simulator, only you get to be really badass—how great is that!? I like shooting aliens in Halo. I like sending 900s in Skate. I like simultaneously spewing fire and ice out of my hands in Skyrim. Video games do what movies and books and television can never do: immerse you in your own experience, as opposed to immersing you in someone else’s—usually a fictional one, mind you.

Naturally, one cannot play video games for every waking hour. I mean, that’d be absurd. For those non-video game times? That’s what Pokémon is for.


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