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Name your G.A.M.E.S.: Gamers Are More Effortlessly Skilled

Top10 Games Top 5 Anime
Gears Of War: Judgment Sims: Bustin out Naruto
Pokemon Gold Naruto: Rise of a ninja Pokemon
Mario kart: Double dash WWE 2013 Deathnote
Residental Evil: 4 Tekken tag tournament 2 Dragonball Z
Bayonetta Alone in the Dark Claymore


I’ve always been a big horror fan whether its movies or games, and for me the love affair started quite young. Alongside my first Game Boy Color and Pokémon game, came a PS1 and my first (chipped) version from the Alone in the Dark series. The controls were awkward and clunky back then, but I none-the-less found pleasure in Carnaby’s quest, and when the reboot came to the Xbox 360 over 10 years later (my boyfriend hates the series with a passion so I purposely revisit it every now and then 😉 ), all the old memories flooded back. Apart from enjoying survival horror, I’m also a big FPS fan too. However it must be in third person view, as it’s imperative that I can see whom it is I am controlling. I’m also a big Pokémon fan (who isn’t right?) and I love all the handheld games from first gen up until the futuristic versions of X and Y.

I came to the realisation that part of my enjoyment for gaming  stemmed from my love of the amazing musical scores, behind every game I played. The game and its accompanying music go hand in hand for me, and alot of the fun is about being able to escape into a different world with its own music, story, civilisation, artwork, etc. Its part of the escapism that we all love so much, right? I love me some anime too, and would say Naruto: Shippuden is my favourite.

As far as studying goes, I’m doing creative writing and journalism at university and I’m currently in my second year. My course- and personal interests,- means I write a lot in my spare time, whether it be stories, songs, blog posts ect.  My dream is to one day be an editor and become a fully fledged video games journalist.  Then I can do my dream job AND play games all the time. Who could say no???!