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I tend to not be a huge main console player. I much prefer handhelds. If you want a challenge at Mario Kart 7, just ask for my friend code.

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deviantArt: PrincessHanyou (if you want to be subjugated to random chibi doodles and non-perverted Shaman King fanfiction)

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Top 5 Games Top 5 Anime Top 5 Manga
Mario Kart Fullmetal Alchemist Fullmetal Alchemist
Trauma Centre: Under the Knife Sword Art Online Naruto
The Sims 3 K-ON Shaman King
Paper Mario Spice and Wolf Hakushaku to Yousei
Super Smash Brothers Samurai Champloo Love Hina


The name’s Ebony. 21 years old. Scorpio. Media Production graduate looking into being a teacher. And a massive anime fan. It’s hard to pinpoint how exactly I got into anime, but my 4 (yes four) brothers played a huge part in it. The first anime I ever watched was Pokemon like most people my age did. From there I went on to watch Digimon, Cardcaptors and Dragonball Z, obsessing crazily about each. The rest is a blur, but my love for anime has continued. I’m, in fact, the president of my university’s Anime and Manga Society, too.

Other facts about me: I love writing. I’ve been writing since I was 12, and I hope to one day make it as an established writer. So far I’ve only had two poems published, though. But hey, better than nothing! I also have a love of languages. It started off when I decided to teach myself Japanese, which I finally have a qualification in! I’m now learning Portuguese, which would you believe is harder than Japanese? As you may have guessed from my course choice, I am a huge lover of films, in particular, their theory and creative processes. I consider myself to be a very amateur film maker, so don’t be surprised if I start babbling about media theory in my reviews! Last fact about me is the most strangest one: I have an anxiety disorder that causes me to hiccup if I’m feeling anxious, stressed or really upset. Completely embarassing but its something I’m used to now!