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Name your G.A.M.E.S.: Games, Anime, Music, Electronics projects, and Sci-fi

Top 5 Games (in no particular order) Top 5 Anime (in no particular order) Top 5 Manga (in no particular order)
Kingdom Hearts Series Code Geass Fullmetal Alchemist
Professor Layton Series Eden of the East DRRR!!
Portal Series Cowboy Bebop Pandora Hearts
Persona 3 Portable Anohana Blue Exorcist
Journey Twelve Kingdoms Tegami Bachi


I’ve been hooked on anime and video games since somewhere around fifth grade, which is when I discovered Sailor Moon and Pokémon. When Sailor Moon stopped airing in the US, I bought the manga and even wrote a little fan fiction. Not long after that, I added fantasy novels to my repertoire with The Lord of the Rings, and the geekiness only grew from there.

I didn’t really start to develop a taste for a particular type of anime until college. I found out about shonen series like Naruto and Bleach during my freshman year. After running out of anime episodes for these shows, I moved on to reading their respective manga. Most of the series I’ve watched are in the same genre, but I’ve warmed up to shojo a bit thanks to series like Ouran High School Host Club and Hana-Kimi. My favorite anime series have stories that make me think, like Code Geass and Eden of the East.

It’s a little harder to pinpoint when I became serious about video games. My first console other than a Game Boy Color was the PS2.  My favorite games to play on it were Final Fantasy X and Kingdom Hearts. Come to think of it, either Final Fantasy or Kingdom Hearts has been a contributing factor to every system purchase I’ve made. In any case, I like a variety of game genres, but I’m most at home with RPGs (Western and Japanese), puzzle games, and adventure games.

I have an Electrical Engineering degree, but unlike a lot of engineers, I’ve always enjoyed writing. I was bitten by the blogging bug during the summer of 2011, the first summer in four years that I wasn’t taking classes. I liked writing something other than lab reports enough that I started actively seeking writing positions. Shortly after graduating, I met Dan, Greg, and Shaan through their panel at SwampCon. I put in an application as soon as I heard that they were looking for writers, and now I’m on the staff.