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Top 5 Games Top 5 Anime Top 5 Manga
Myst Spice and Wolf Parasyte
Silent Hill 2 Kara no Kyoukai Berserk
Dark Souls Fate/Zero Trigun Max
DooM Paprika Fullmetal Alchemist
Final Fantasy VI Cowboy Bebop Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni

I got into games several years ago when I got my Gamecube. I used to only play platformers and such; however, when I first got Metroid Prime I wanted to know more about the series. This lead to me researching in my free time and further finding out more about all the old games I own and getting into other genres. It also prompted me to find ways of playing all the old Metroid games and others. These events all lead to me discovering the Alien franchise via Metroid and such. I could not contain my curiosity and continued to research when I read of something I did not know about and I now have an extensive knowledge of most of the video game history.

As far as anime and manga, it was virtually the same way except my friend convinced me to watch/read DBZ and Naruto. (I also had a passing interest as to what others were beforehand but didn’t know the big names ironically.) Then another friend got me to watch Robotech of which he had the whole series. From there I started finding other mangas and animes I liked and I learned alot from there. So in short, that was a history of how I got into games and manga and as for writing about them….. Well I have always been told I was a good writer and I enjoy writing so I thought I would combine my passions into one fruitful form of pastime and the leaves me where I am today.