BalladOfAShinigamiBallad of a ShinigamiMomo, Girl God of Death will be hitting shelves in North America later this year, courtesy of Maiden Japan and Section 23. The story is based on a series of light novels from K-Ske Hasegawa. The six episode OVA follows Momo, whose job is to guide souls to the other side, but unlike the other shinigami, Momo does her best to offer sympathy to the recently departed. Momo, along with her pet cat named Daniel, delivers last words to their loved ones or even lets them have one last visit, but bending the rules may start catching up to her soon.

Momo will be distributed in North America on DVD by Section 23 Films. The DVD will have English and Japanese voices with English subtitles. Section 23 has not announced a timetable for the show’s release.

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