Haruhi news so fresh, even Bandai’s own website doesn’t have it yet: Season two of The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya will be releasing on August 17th as a four-disc collection. Two of those discs will contain the controversial Endless Eight arc, but if you buy the collection and endure the endless recursion in time, you’ll also receive a CD with the “Super Driver” and “Tomare!” the opening and ending songs by Aya Hirano.

The DVDs will retail at the suggested price of $65, but RightStuf is offering a preorder at $49. The discs will have other extras including location scouting videos, ASOS Brigade videos and more.

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  • Ugh, haven’t see all of it, but I’ve found that the vast majority of the second season blows. Just watch the first ep and you’ve seen all the good parts (and all the stuff relevant to the movie

  • Well, considering the vast majority of season 2 is the endless eight arc, yeah, I would have to agree. You can save yourself about 3 hours by watching the first and last episodes of the arc and skipping everything in the middle. Pretty much the only differences are a few minor details like which activities they did that day and what everyone wore.

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