Techdirt was sent a copy of an C&D letter sent to MIT. MIT runs a program called Scratch. It’s a simple programing language designed to teach young children how to program. Like all children they learn best by copying those around them. So when creating a video game using scratch the children mimicked games that already exist. This way they would know they programmed the game right. Well atleast one child made a Pac-Man clone. Bandai Namco will have none of that.

The lawyers at Bandai Namco don’t seem to understand how education works nor how to not make enemies of fans. Do you teach a adult let alone a child to write by having them jump straight into writing a novel? No. You have them copy “Dick and Jane” books to learn grammar and sentence structure. You teach them to play music by playing songs that have already been written. You teach them to paint and draw by copying artists they like.

Why is it so hard for companies to realize you can protect your “IP” without nuking the target from orbit? Would a polite phone call to MIT asking them to change the name the kid gave to the game have been so hard to accomplish?

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