Bandai Entertainment, known for publishing anime series such as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and the various Gundam titles, has announced that they will no longer publish new manga, DVD and Blu-ray titles. They will continue to ship their currently produced series until their licenses expire, but will not publish anything new after February.

According to Anime News Network, most of the staff and contractors will be laid off as the company will only be working on selling their licensing to other companies. Future releases that have been cancelled include the Turn A Gundam and Gosick anime series as well as future volumes of the Kannagi, Gurren Lagann and Mobile Suit Gundam 00I manga. Both the anime and manga releases of Nichijou have also been cancelled.

Bandai Entertainment originally opened their North American offices  in 1998 and merged with Bandai Visual USA in 2005. Bandai becomes the latest in the long list of anime and manga publishers to close up shop in North America following behind Tokyopop, ADV, Central Park Media, and Geneon Entertainment.

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  • Sarah

    So does this mean that, if The ____ of Haruhi Suzumiya were to continue then the future episodes wouldn’t be dubbed by the same voice actors?

    Because that’s quite a shock if so, I really like the people who do the voices at the moment.

  • Not necessarily. To the best of my knowledge, Bandai Entertainment wasn’t doing Haruhi dubs and production in-house; it was contracted out (to Bang Zoom, I believe). If Bandai were to sell the license to another company (say, VIZ or Section 23/Sentai), those companies could still then turn to Bang Zoom Entertainment to produce and dub the series. If that were to happen, the same voice actors and actresses could still be used on future parts of the series.

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