DICE, the studio behind the popular first-person shooter Battlefield 3, has built a reputation of listening to feedback provided by fans, and releasing updates and patches over time to make their shooters more enjoyable. However, while EA and DICE had promised a patch for Battlefield 3 some time ago, gamers were left in the dark, not knowing when the much needed patch would release.

Yesterday, fan site Battlefieldo.com announced a Internet-wide protest, requesting that EA/DICE announce their next major patch and/or a list of fixes. If this request wasn’t met by March 3rd, the fans would not play Battlefield 3 for one day. Furthermore, fan-run servers would be shut down, Facebook and Twitter updates would cease, and community websites would be ‘blacked-out’.

A picture advertising the (now defunct) protest

It seems that EA and DICE got the message loud and clear, since they have released a lengthy list of patch notes. While the list is not complete, it seems that many of the major problems will be fixed, including the use of MAV as a vehicle (both for transportation and killing), the high rate of fire on the USAS-12 shotgun with frag rounds, and a slew of vehicle, weapon, attachments, UI, and gadget fixes.

Furthermore,¬†Eurogamer announced that EA will be starting a new weekly blog. Tentatively titled ‘Inside DICE’, this weekly blog series will start next week, and it aims to provide Battlefield 3 fans with the latest news, updates, and content plans that DICE and EA have to offer.

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