photo-mainTell me if you’ve heard this one: What do you get when you cross a tycoon game, with an RPG with simulated gambling? Don’t know? Well, in any case, you get CasinoRPG, a game which was funded through Kickstarter. This free-to-play game has recently entered its open beta and encourages anyone to join them.

James Simpson, the CEO and founder of GoldFire Studios, the creators of CasinoRPG, wished to create an innovative game. According to Simpson, he feels that social. simulated gambling has become stale and overpopulated through Facebook, mobile phones and other platforms. With CasinoRPG, he was hoping to change everything.

CasinoRPG is not just simulated gambling, it also includes a city-building tycoon aspect. Players can use their virtual casino winnings to build their casino empires, design their own luxury apartments, and go through the stories of the different cities. These cities are designed, built, and managed all by players in the game.

CasinoRPG has been designed to be able to be played on virtually any device and is not restricted to any one platform. This is because of the use of HTML5 browser technologies, which allows for instant play without the need for downloads or plugins.

To play CasinoRPG, just go to their website and sign up and see for yourself.

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