While the official reveal of Call of Duty: Black Ops II happened a few days back, Treyarch has released the first trailer for the game. The trailer has revealed that the game will take place in a near-futuristic setting, and (except for a few missions), will not take place during the Cold War era.

Along with the trailer, Treyarch has revealed a few bits and pieces of the game’s story. Black Ops II is set in 2025, where China and the United States are locked in a new cold war, after China bans the export of rare earth elements following a cyberattack, which crippled the Chinese Stock Market. War has evolved, and unmanned vehicles, robotics and cyberwarfare are the name of the game. Despite the game taking place in the future, the beginning will be set in the 1980’s, where the player will control Alex Mason (the protagonist of the first Black Ops), and will introduce the game’s new antagonist, Raul Menendez, who is trying to provoke attacks between China and the U.S. For the rest of the game, the player protagonist will be David Mason, who is the son of Alex.

While Call of Duty has been criticized for staying stagnant over the years, Treyarch is looking to improve on the series. The game will feature a more open-ended level design, and the campaign will have branching storylines through the use of “Strike Force” missions. These missions are offered as a choice to the player throughout the single-player campaign, and choosing one missions will lock out the others, unless the player starts a new save. The Zombies mode will also be making a reappearance, but instead of being a separate mode, it will feature its own campaign, alongside the single-player story. While Treyarch is tight-lipped about the multiplayer, it’s safe to say it will be making a reappearance.

So what do you think? Are you excited for another Call of Dity game? Have the new changes piqued your interest? Sound off in the comments below.

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