Way back in April last year we reported on Capcom’s release of Final Fight: Double Impact on PSN. Back then folks found out after purchase that only the original gamertag that purchased the game could actually play it. Well Capcom is at it again. This time with Bionic Commando: Rearmed 2 which unlike the last game has absolutely no online component.

Once again Capcom is trying to fight the great evil that is called “PSN Sharing”. For those who don’t understand “Rampant PSN Sharing” is when you use one account to buy all your games from and downloading the purchases to multiple PS3′s which is perfectly fine under the EULA of PS3 and PSN. You are allowed to download any purchase to up to 5 console. Essentially the digital equivalent of buying a single disc copy and letting everyone in the household play it is a problem for Capcom. So they have added their own DRM that requires you to log-in with the original purchasing account in order to play.

I do this “rampant sharing” in my household with Xbox Live purchases. All the purchases are made through my account but everyone who has a gamer tag loaded on the system can access the games. Really why is this a problem for you Capcom?

I hate to do this but I must give my personal opinion that no one should buy Capcom games anymore. If they do not want to treat us customers fairly then they do not deserve any money from us.

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