Dayglo Arafat is the New black

Originally a symbol of Palestinian Nationalism the keffiyeh, better known as the Arafat Scarf or PLO Scarf, is becoming a fashion rage again. Since the 80s the keffiyeh has moseyed in and out of closets of the chic and politically over-sensitive. It’s not the fashion conscious but the pre-packaged passive-rebellious counter culture, emo kids et al, that are adopting it. How does a subculture where the new black has always been a darker shade of black adopt something that is traditionally¬†monochrome? Simple: bright beautiful color! Like many things occidental¬†adolescents¬†find fashionable the current resurgence seems Japanese based. It seems to be a common accessory to the Gothic Lolita look. Lolita Kisama… Read More

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