Today, Square Enix launched Chaos Rings in the iTunes App Store. It offers four storylines in one game, each taking place at a fighting tournament in the Ark Arena. Each storyline centers around a pair of characters who fight for their lives together. While it offers great graphics for an iPhone game, it also sports the lofty price of $12.99.

If Chaos Rings is of your ideal price range for an iPhone RPG, Square Enix is celebrating by putting all of their other titles on sale. The Final Fantasy Crystal Defenders tower defense game is now priced at $5.99 while the iPhone ports of Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy II have dropped to $6.99 apiece. Song Summoner is also enjoying a two dollar discount at $7.99. For those looking for games under the $5 threshold, Hills and Rivers Remain is now $4.99, Vanguard Storm is $3.99 and Sliding Heroes is now a mere 99 cents. There is no word on how long these discounts will last; so, make sure you grab them soon, if you’re interested.

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