The stars of the latest set of assets Atlus put together for Persona 4 Arena are Yukiko Amagi and her Persona, Konohana Sakuya. You can see character art, screens, color sets, and the in-game bio text for Yukiko below. This is the third character pack we’ve seen in as many weeks, so stay tuned for the others that will surely follow. You can also check out another set of screenshots, bios for Chie and Yosuke, and some character move set videos in our previous coverage. Persona 4 Arena hits stores on August 7th for the PS3 and 360. Are you excited for this Persona fighting spinoff? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Character Bio: Yukiko Amagi
“The heir to the Amagi Inn and a 3rd-year at Yasogami High. Though smart and polite, she can be quite spacey… She and Chie are longtime friends. Her fans and Persona, Konohana Sakuya, let her attack at range.”


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