My friend passed along this interesting video article; so, I thought I would share it with all of you. Fox 8 in Cleveland has a story about a young boy who since he was little had nightmares and memories of being a World War II fighter pilot. He was even able to give the name of the carrier he took off from and where the plane went down. Eventually they took him to meet some of the people he would have served with and he identified a few on sight.

Now, I was raised to believe in reincarnation; so, I didn’t find this shocking at all, but I realize that this will come at odds with a lot of people’s belief systems. One thing I don’t like, though, is how Fox 8 claims that it “proves” reincarnation. Even though I’d like to enjoy the confirmation bias, as a scientist, I have to say that it doesn’t necessarily prove anything. It’s possible (but highly unlikely) that as a child he read or heard this whole story somewhere and it stuck with him. I know he’s not the only story like this on the planet, I remember hearing about incidents like this in the past. I also remember having some oddly specific dreams about the past that made me wonder if it was a glimpse at a past life, but I never really pursued them to see if they were legitimate. I ended up chalking them up to an overactive imagination at the time, but maybe I was wrong.

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  • Kiraman Katibin

    You Scientists with your “facts” and your “evidence”. And by you I mean us. Applying a little Occam’s razor and it may be a bit of unintended Child suggestibility by the parents after they started asking questions about the child’s unusual behaviour. It’s a problem that comes up alot in court when they need to use a child witness.

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