Some folks just want to take the fun out of every activity. So a few students of Rocklin High School, in California, made a parody video of themselves being characters in Cal of Duty: Black Ops. Now folks are bitching because they shot it on their school campus.

Have none of the parents at this school ever played “Cops and Robbers” or “Cowboys and Indians” as children? This is just a modern version of that. I’m betting most of the folks who are upset by this would be proud to see those same kids join the military and kill real people.

Their creativity and love of making films should be encouraged. Look at Steven Spielberg, arguably one of the best directors Hollywood has ever had.  Steven Spielberg was making war films when he was 13. 😯

Throughout his early teens, Spielberg made amateur 8 mm “adventure” films with his friends, the first of which he shot at the Pinnacle Peak Patio restaurant in Scottsdale. He charged admission (25 cents) to his home films (which involved the wrecks he staged with his Lionel train set) while his sister sold popcorn.   In 1958, he became a Boy Scout, and fulfilled a requirement for the photography merit badge by making a nine-minute 8 mm film entitled The Last Gunfight. Spielberg recalled years later to a magazine interviewer, “My dad’s still-camera was broken, so I asked the scoutmaster if I could tell a story with my father’s movie camera. He said yes, and I got an idea to do a Western. I made it and got my merit badge. That was how it all started.” At age 13, Spielberg won a prize for a 40-minute war film he titled Escape to Nowhere which was based on a battle in east Africa.

There’s no way he’d be able to make that film if he were 13 today. It pisses me off that those kids will probably get a suspension if not expulsion over what should be lauded as a good low budget student film. So all I can say without ranting too much is……

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  • anonymous

    Maybe if all the idiots who defend this video realized the other side of the argument, that you can’t just make a video of high school students going around shooting other students because it could be EASILY misinterpreted, and that school shootings are no joke, then maybe they would stop telling parents and the media to “lighten up” and “go with the joke”.

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