I have always admired Double Fine Productions, as they not only develop great games, but they spend the time and put in the effort to make their games feel alive, whether it be through an interesting plot, great art design, or a solid voice cast. Last year, they released Costume Quest, an adventure RPG which revolved around Halloween, where the player was tasked with rescuing his twin sibling from a group of monsters (check out our review here). The gameplay consisted of completing quests to gain candy (the game’s version of currency), or costume parts, which ties into the battle system. During battle, you and your friends grow to giant versions of the costumes you are wearing. The battle system is reminiscent of the Paper Mario series, as quick time events and button presses are used as a means of dealing more damage.

While this fun RPG was previously limited to the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Network, the game has been ported over to the PC, and is now available on Steam. The Steam version will run you $15, but you also get the bonus DLC chapter “Grubbins on Ice”, which is a paid download for the consoles.

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