Following closely on the heels of the game’s official confirmation last week, EA and Crytek have released a two-minute trailer revealing some details of the story and a look at the gameplay for Crysis 3.  The main setting being shown at this point is an abandoned New York City, overgrown with jungle and controlled by the hostile aliens of the previous games.  Fans were pretty divided over the shift from jungle to urban in the last title, and Crytek has apparently decided the solution to the controversy is to have both.  The game isn’t due on shelves until some time in 2013, so only time will tell if this is a wise compromise, but being a fan of the series, I’m excited to see what direction Crysis 3 takes this idea.  Check out the trailer below, and stay tuned to The G.A.M.E.S. Blog for more news in the months to come.

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