Brent Harrison (Ph.D. student) and Dr. David L. Roberts (assistant professor of computer science) of North Carolina State University have developed a way to predict your gaming habits. They studied the achievements you can earn in World of Warcraft. They found that the achievements people earn tended to group together. So if group 1 has 50 achievements, and you have already earned 10 of them, they are able to predict your likely hood of completing the other 40.

The researchers say their model has a 80% success rate of predicting your behavior. They also found that the achievements found in each group did not necessarily seem related.

“For example, an achievement dealing with a character’s prowess in unarmed combat is highly correlated to the achievement badge associated with world travel — even though there is no clear link between the two badges to the outside observer.”

The researchers see this tool as a way to determine what new content should be made in future games/expansions, or to help guide players to content they would likely enjoy. While the research was specifically on WoW, they believe it can be used in any game that allows choice to be made.

If your interested in reading the paper your going to have to wait. They are presenting their paper, “Using Sequential Observations to Model and Predict Player Behavior,” at the Foundations of Digital Games Conference in Bordeaux, France, June 29-July 1. Copies should be made available afterwards.

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