Chances are, you’ve heard of Peter Molyneux, or at the very least, you’ve heard of some of the games he’s made. Molyneux is easily one of the gaming industry’s best known figures, having developed such titles as Syndicate, Black and White, and the popular Fable series.

While many are anticipating his Kickstarter-funded god-game Godus, attention has recently been turned to Curiosity — What’s Inside the Cube? For those who don’t know, Curiosity is Molyneux’s first game with his new studio, 22Cans, although calling it a game might be a bit confusing. In actuality, the ‘game’ is more of a social experiment, carried out through iOS and Android devices.

To put it simply, anyone who joins the experiment is tasked with… tapping a cube. Yup, the only purpose is to tap an extremely large cube (comprised of 69 billion smaller cubes), with each tap removing a single small cube (although power ups can be acquired to speed up the process). Over time, layers are shaved away, revealing different images, ranging from colors to actual pictures (for a full list of layers, check out the Wikipedia entry here).

The experiment started on November 6th of last year, and now, over 200 days later, it’s all over. Brian Henderson from the UK was declared the winner, having removed the last cube earlier this morning. As a prize, he was provided with the “winner video”, and was given the option to either keep the video to himself, or have it publicly released to the world. In a nice gesture (or to avoid a massive amount of hate mail), Brian gave 22Cans the go-ahead to release the video, which you can watch below (for those who don’t want to sit through it, Brian will get to be the god in Godus, deciding how the game plays out, and will share in the game’s financial success).

So, what do you think of Curiosity? Did you play your part and helped to chip away at the mystery? What do you think of the final prize? Sound off in the comments below!

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