Thanks to my friend Jenni-Lin for the heads up on this article. Late last week, Disney and Marvel agreed in principle to a deal where Disney will acquire Marvel Entertainment. According to MarketWatch, there are still minor details to be hashed out and must be checked for anti-trust compliance, but at this moment, the entertainment giant is offering $30 plus just under 3/4 of a share of Disney stock for each share held by Marvel owners for a total of about $50/share. This adds up to an approximate $4 billion dollar buyout for the House of Mouse. The deal includes the rights to the full array of Marvel characters. Disney is already the parent company of ABC and ESPN, so this will further spread their reach.

Marvel has been trying to expand their foothold in the entertainment industry for the last 10 years or so, and I guess this is the culmination of it. But it leaves me with plenty of questions. How will this affect the production of future Spiderman and X-Men movies? Will they keep the Marvel label on their movies and comics, and will we still see Stan Lee cameos? Are they going to gear the Marvel titles even more towards smaller children? Are we going to see Miley Cyrus as a mutant in the new X-Men movie or something? Should we be adding Mary Jane Watson and Jean Grey into the pantheon of Disney princesses? As a slightly more serious question, since Kingdom HeartsĀ  is a Square Enix and Disney cross-over, will we be seeing Marvel characters in future incarnations of the Kingdom Hearts saga? Should we expect to play with a party of Sora, Donald Duck and Cyclops?

I will write more as I find out information.

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