Dragon Quest IX hasn’t even left the shores of Japan, but according to Square Enix, it’s already surpassed sales records for any other game in the series. Even though it received some pretty critical reviews on Amazon Japan when it first came out, the ninth installment, and first game in the main series on the Nintendo DS, has now sold over 4.15 million copies. Square Enix has stated that it wanted to ship 5 million copies of the game, and it will probably reach those numbers once North America and Europe get factored into the equation. North America was responsible for a little over half a million copies worth of Dragon Quest VIII sales, and should see similar numbers for Dragon Quest IX, and Europe should be in for a few hundred thousand copies.

Dragon Quest IX was released July 11, 2009 in Japan, and has an as-yet undisclosed 2010 release date in North America and Europe.

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