So far we know that Dragon Quest X will be an online game and that it will be available on Wii and WiiU. Today we got some info on the races you can play.

Shounen Jump (via Adriasang) got the exclusive first look.  You have a choice of 5 races:  Ogre, Elf, Dwarf, Pukuripo, and Wedi.  While Humans are part of the game, they are not a playable race.  The story is hinted to revolve around a tragedy involving the human world and your quest is to find out what happened to them.

There are also 5 land areas for play: Four continents and one island chain.  Each corresponds to the home kingdom for the 5 playable races.

More details are expected to be announced at Nintendo’s press conference on Tuesday as part of their build up to the Tokyo Game Show this week

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