btwamntiiaannnn.0_cinema_720.0Beating Microsoft and Sony to the punch, Nintendo got a head start on the console wars by releasing the Wii U. Taking the ground work of the original Wii and adding to it, they created something even more impressive than before. Along with its new capabilities and hardware, Nintendo added a feature called TVii.

The Wii U TVii is essentially a cable box that allows, instant streaming from sites such as Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video. It can also hook up to your cable network and can use TiVo DVR. Now DVR was a breakthrough when we found out that we could actually pause, rewind and fast forward through live television. We all ran out into the streets screaming something along the lines of “(Expletive) you commercials, I no longer have to watch you!”

Not to be outdone by Sony’s recent Vita TV announcement, Nintendo has decided to take a page out of John Madden’s book by allowing you to pause anything you are watching whether it be live television, cartoons, sports or movies and letting you to draw on the screen. That’s right, you can draw funny mustaches on all your favorite Doctor Who characters. For some that doesn’t seem like the most ingenuous activity, but in a world where we have attention spans like two year olds, who says that drawing on our favorite characters wouldn’t be fun.

Using the GamePad controller, you directly control what colors you use and how fine of a line is drawn. You can also add words and comments to your picture. Want a five minute distraction? Draw little doodles on your favorite news caster. Need to get the kids to shut up for a little bit? Let them draw on Spongebob. Thank you, Nintendo, for giving us another seemingly meaningless activity that most people will say they will hate but will be secretly using behind closed doors.

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