Unfortunately, Square Enix’s press conference is not allowing video, and they’re only talking about Final Fantasy XIV. Looks like I drew the short straw on coverage. I won’t have any new footage for you, but I can promise you some new info on Final Fantasy XIV thanks to the Q&A session.

While the races from Final Fantasy XI look to be carrying over by the video that was shown yesterday, the game will not take place in Vana’diel. However, they did say that parts of the footage shown were pre-rendered, but parts were using the in-game engine (specifically the scene with the Galka fighting). Further, regarding FFXI, there is at least one more year of content already in place, and they intend to continue supporting it.

As for Final Fantasy XIV, there will be PS3 and PC versions at launch but they may still be looking into other hardware. (So much for that “exclusivity”). There will be Japanese, English, French and German versions available. The current server setup is for worldwide cross-platform servers, but they will watch for player balance during beta testing to see if there needs to be separation. Also, they will not be using PlayOnline as their log-in interface and you cannot transfer characters from FFXI, but you will be able to transfer friends lists. Also, there has been no pricing schedule set up yet.

As far as gameplay, they are looking to provide a fun environment for the casual user as well as the hardcore MMO fan. What exactly that entails is yet to be seen. However, they claim to want to make the game available to both soloists and party players, which could be of interest to me. My biggest gripe with MMOs is sometimes I don’t feel like having to party up to do something. Square Enix isn’t disclosing any information about the battle system at this time, but did say that they will be adding many new systems that haven’t been used in MMOs before. They intend to implement some changes to the current Job System, and concentrate more on “Growth and Development of the Character.” What that means is yet to be seen.

I understand that the game is still heavily in development, but I wish we would have gotten a little more meat here at the conference. I guess I shouldn’t ask for too much though. If I catch wind of any other information, I’ll be sure to update.

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